The Sandman’s Pharmacy: S01 E01 The Clone’s First Full-Time Job

(also known as “The Sandman’s Aliens and Daemons”)

Season 01 Episode 01 | The Clone’s First Full-Time Job

It’s Steve’s first day at the Sandman’s pharmacy. There, he meets multiple multi-dimensional entities for the first time. A work errand lands him on Planet Zeefra, a never-ending storm planet.


There is a space in-between space and time—it is beyond the physical dimension you see. This space, however dark and lonesome it may appear, is packed with life. Within it, there is a pharmacy. Yes, a pharmacy. This pharmacy is for the alien and the aethereal—the unseen entities residing inside our dimension and outside of it.

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This pharmacy is a special one because it is run by the Sandman.

By day, the Sandman cures interspecies sleep problems of all kinds, and takes dream requests from his otherworldly patients—because every entity sleeps, but not all of them sleep well. He does not do this alone, however. He is assisted by his three employees: a pure human clone, an ancient Sumerian demon, and a bodiless human soul. His employees explore the physical dimension together on behalf of the Sandman, exploring foreign planets and species looking for better sleep medicines and cures.

By night, the Sandman explores the human-group-consciousness. He does this by manifesting himself inside of the pleasant dreams that he creates for them. Hiding as a background dream character, and sometimes engaging with the individual human mind directly, he gets to know humanity—all in the hopes that one day he will gift humanity with the perfect dream.





Creatures and beings of myth and folklore are clients at The Sandman's Pharmacy, as well as aliens and multi-dimensional beings. Myth and folklore enter this story as often as science fiction. The Sandman in this story is purposely modeled after the traditional Sandman myth. The secondary character Alû is also purposely modeled after a myth; the Sumerian myth of a sleep-paralysis demon named Alû.

Mental Science

As a well-treated, and recently freed pure human clone, Steve experiences a different reality from most species in the galaxy. He has no money--just a cheap spacecraft donated to him by his alien manufacturers. Steve can explore the physical galaxy whenever he wishes, but his charity spacecraft is a beater ... and he has no money. So it's time to get a full-time job. Alas, Steve begins his full-time employment at The Sandman's Pharmacy, projecting himself to its hidden location within dimensions each day.

Science Fiction

Every episode includes imaginative concepts of science and technology, such as: new tools, spacecraft designs, space explorations, parallel realities, multi-dimensional beings, and extraterrestrial life.

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ALÛ: Well, I do all sorts of poisons the best. Nightmare creation isn’t in high demand. So now I use myself as a sort of neutralizer and manufacturer of cures against that. The latter proved to be much duller.

The Sandman's Aliens and Daemons S1 EP1, pg. 7

Ambiguously placed, and subtlety hidden away from the audience and the show’s characters themselves, is the Sandman’s familiar, a long-haired black cat. Only the cat’s watching eyes has ever been seen, and they are usually hidden away in a shadow. The Sandman’s familiar is watching in the background of every episode.

The Sandman's Aliens and Daemons S1 EP1, pg. 3