NSTCF: S01 E01 Your Mind Is the Land They Wish to Invade

Season 01 Episode 01 | Your Mind Is the Land They Wish to Invade

In this chapter, we delve into Lana’s life at a military high school, where she has meticulously mapped out her future. She’s confident in her plans and what lies ahead, except for one crucial factor – the rapidly evolving world of technology. While Lana is unprepared for the technological shifts around her, a surprising revelation emerges, hinting that her brother may hold the key to adapting to this brave new world.


Discover the captivating narrative of “Nails, Stickers, Tags, and Cornea Filters,” an enthralling screenplay that unveils the tumultuous journey of Lana, her valiant military brother, Jackson, and his two comrades-in-arms, Ronan and Conor.

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The tale unfolds in a world where the unexpected alliance between feral bobcats and vigilant police officers forms the cornerstone of public safety. This unique partnership is sustained through the enigmatic ‘Sticker,’ a top-secret mental-linking device that instills a remarkable level of compliance in the bobcats. However, there’s a catch – ‘Stickers’ are strictly off-limits for civilian use, shrouded in an aura of clandestine intrigue.

For the general populace, innovation takes a different path. Ordinary citizens harness the power of their own fingernails, now transformed into dynamic, miniature billboards and recording devices. This transformative capability is made possible by the ingenious ‘Nail,’ a cutting-edge artificial intelligence film seamlessly integrated onto their fingernails. Yet, there’s more…

As the relentless tide of technological advancement surges forward, Lana finds herself thrust into a whirlwind of change and upheaval. The ever-evolving landscape of technology and its consequences hold her captive in a world where secrets lie buried, waiting to be unearthed. Explore the depths of intrigue and unravel the enigmatic plotline as Lana grapples with the relentless march of progress, bound to change her life in unimaginable ways. Discover how she navigates this labyrinthine web of secrets, alliances, and ever-shifting technology, as she strives to stay ahead in a world on the brink of transformation.

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It can’t be. It’s just an idea.

NIKKI and MAKO exchange glances.


‘Just an idea,’ LANA? Ideas can start wars.


If it’s a threat to them, then it’s a threat to us.

Nails, Stickers, Tags, and Cornea Filters S01 E01, pg. 22

LANA regains her strength quickly and then runs in the general direction that she thinks she lives in. For the first time ever, her run is sloppy, insecure, and untrained – she trips multiple times over the flat pavement, for no reason. LANA is clearly shaken by the incident.

Nails, Stickers, Tags, and Cornea Filters S01 E01, pg. 27

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