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a sci-fi short story series

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The Imaginations

a fantasy romance book series

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The Sandman’s Pharmacy

a sci-fi adventure screenplay series

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Fantasy Romance—

“The Imaginations”

Story Aesthetics

“The Imaginations”

Fantasy Romance

Book Series


Plot Synopsis

Set in the stunning world of “Nara,” which is divided into four special territories (as drafted below).

Existing only in Nara, an ‘Imagination’ is a person that can physically draw objects into existence. As they draw, the objects manifest themselves live-time in the space before them.

Currently, there are two known Imaginations in Nara: Samuel, specializing in the fauna, and Marc, specializing in the flora.

This allows them to be able to choose how they wish to live, with or without technology.

June Day was once a normal girl, gliding through high-school with excellent grades. Near her senior year, she discovers the existence of Nara, and everything in her life flips upside-down.

This comes to take both a mental and physical toll on June, but Timothy accompanies her along the way, making her life easier without her knowing … until things change.

As her fondness for Nara grows, she begins to doubt the very science of the Earth she walks on. June must juggle herself in-between two separate worlds—or else she will never see the kind Naran named Timothy again.

Location: NARA

Nara is located inside of a parallel reality alongside Earth. At first glance, Nara does not seem like a highly advanced society, but Nara is more advanced than the human race in numerous ways. The Naran Government and its people have grasped nearly all advanced technologies and secrets of the universe.

Within Nara, there are three different categories of lifestyles:

  1. Understands technology + 100% unified with technology: Naran cities that choose to keep their advancements in technology at the core of their city structures, using holograms, wireless social devices, vehicles and electricity.
  2. Understands technology + 50% unified with technology: Naran cities spread out over nature that choose to limit themselves to technology only 50% of the time.
  3. Understands technology + 0% unified with technology: completely off-grid Naran cities that choose to live organically off the land, creating organic solutions and organic buildings instead of industrial ones.

Nara is split into four realms identified as: the South Side, the North Side, the East Side, and the West Side.

The Sides are ruled by Nara’s unique laws of nature.

The only Side that is geographically capable of growing food is the East Side, meaning all other Sides are dependent upon the East Side for their food to arrive.

However, the East Side is not the only one that is counted on globally for Nara’s survival.

Nara works together as a system of four Sides, each Side being able to produce a certain thing the other cannot.

East Side, NARA

All vegetation grows here; plant life is massively abundant.

The air is refreshingly crisp and clean, with a gentle breeze that rustles the trees and the crops of vegetation.

There is the perfect amount of moisture, making the landscape incredibly rich and fertile.

The temperature is a perfect mild, never too hot or too cold.

South Side, NARA

No vegetation is capable of growing here; plant life is limited.

When the temperatures drop at night, it’s almost a relief; but this cool-down is brief, and the heat will soon return.

In such a hot, humid, and painted-white area, the temperatures remain high and the air stays thick with humidity.

However, in the aesthetically-beautiful South Side, it’s always windy.

North Side, NARA

No vegetation is capable of growing here; plant life is limited.

There is often a cold, cutting wind that brings the air temperature to below freezing.

While the days may bring a respite from the dark, frigid nights, even those times of light are marked by a chill that lingers for hours.

A distant sun may be visible for a few fleeting hours each day, but it never warms the air or the ground.

For most of the day and night, the horizon is always a distant, frosty blur, either icy white or icy green, depending on the time of the year.

West Side, NARA

No vegetation is capable of growing here; plant life is limited.

The West Side is a combination of only a few natural elements–stones, hills, grasses and mosses.

The landscape is filled with large and small stones, ranging in color from dark grey to rustic brown.

The West Side’s boulders and stones are born deep in the landscape; adding texture and depth to the mountainous land that is covered by beautifully lush and large, yet infertile trees.

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